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Sounds and fragrances mingle in the evening air,

Like a melancholy spiral, a langid gyre,

The heavens are sorrowful and resplendent like a vast vault,

The spent sun is drowned in its congealing blood.... (Harmonie du soir, Charles Baudelaire)

Why the name ‘Blue Hour’

It refers to the period at the end of the day, when the sky fills almost entirely with an intense blue hue.

It is caused by a special type of light waves called Rayleigh waves.

In summer this time of day is reputed to be the best to experience natural fragrances (flowers etc..)

It is also the time when bird song is at its loudest and most melodious.

It’s a quiet time when nature rests from the day and coolness descends, an ideal time for meditation and reflection; to experience peace away from the bustle and activity of the world.

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